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Welcome to AK Wedding photography

Our major work principle – is to achieve the maximum result on each shooting. In wedding series we try to open events succession through emotions. Life is a miracle and we shoot it!

Our main photographer Katerina got more than 5 years experience in wedding photography. She invites you to explore the journeys of the wonderful couple and places found throughout her art, and looks forward to providing you the quality and attention that your most amazing memories deserve. Bachelor degree in Visual Arts and Advanced Diploma in Image Design helps Katerina see your special day as a celebration of joy happiness and pleasure that will be reflected in the Photography works.

When you are looking for professional wedding photographer you should always go to wedding consultation and see personality of your wedding photographer.

That why we are sure we are the best choice for your wedding and will accommodate all your desires and needs. We are easy to work with, creative, full of energy and love what we do.

Our style is combination of traditional photography and candid, romantic style.

At the end of the day you get your romantic story and love portraits and so much desired by the parent's portraits. True emotions of the wedding reflect artistic background of photographer that participated in numerous exhibitions in Canada, States, Ireland and Belarus.

Your wedding photographer will be with you all your special day, engagement session and will reflect the best moments of your life. Wedding photography it is not just one of the services that you buy it is a form of art, you trust your photographer your looks, your story, your energy as a bride and groom.

We offer a combination of Photojournalistic and candid, romantic and traditional styles. All of them have their advantages. Every bride wants photographs that reflect her beauty, her unique personality. We will make your wedding portrayed just the way you want it. It will reflect if you want to be a Queen for traditional fantasy, a model for some of my brides that fashion oriented, others brides wish to be romantic we help you to create that look.